A digital e-book to help your baby
(4-17 months) get better sleep. This course takes you step by step through: Setting up the Room, Daily Schedules, Bedtime Routine, Bedtime Strategies, Night wakings, Early Morning Wakings and Naps.


A digital e-book to help your newborn
(0-12 weeks old) sleep better from day one. This course teaches you how to lay the foundation for healthy sleep, how to parent with confidence, and love the newborn stage.

The Newborn Course


• Initial Sleep Assessment - We will begin with an initial assessment of your little ones current sleep habits. This will be completed prior to our consultation which will help me to craft a plan specific to your little ones sleep needs and your family’s values.

• Private Phone Consultation - Where we will discuss our plan of action and answer all of the questions that keep you up at night (literally!) We will go over everything from naps, bedtime, sleep environment, methods and techniques of sleep coaching and an age appropriate schedule. 

• Personalized written Sleep Plan - This addresses your child’s specific struggles and includes clear, easy-to-follow steps to ensure your child is learning healthy sleep habits.

• Follow Up Support -  14 days  of follow up support to ensure things are going smoothly. We will schedule 1 follow up call and you can email me to touch base and discuss how things are going, address any setbacks, and further refine the plan to fit your child’s responses and your lifestyle.

• 1:1 Consultations begin at $200 

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Work one on one with Danielle to create and implement a personalized sleep plan for your child. (four months to four-year-olds)

1:1 Personalized Sleep Plan

1:1 CONSULTING and Online sleep courses for newborns to FOUR year olds

Ready to Have a Sleeping House?

The Toddler Sleep Course

A digital e-book to help your toddler
(18 months old +) get better seep. This course is your toddler’s step-by-step plan that covers nights, naps, early mornings, bedtime routine and more.

The Baby sleep Course


$75 | Book a call

Trouble Shooting Call

A 45-minute call to troubleshoot your little one's minor sleep challenge. Perfect for families who have worked with Danielle or a sleep consultant previously.

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